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Mighty Bear Games

Mighty Bear Games

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2022

Hi there!


Interested in Mighty Bear but can't find a specific role that's posted on our careers page? We'd love to hear from you regardless!


We are always on the prowl for great team members, so tell us about yourself by clicking on 'Apply Now'!



Before submitting your application, here's an excerpt on what we're looking for at Bear Force One:


Applying for the Job — Dos

  • Before you apply, make sure you understand what the role entails. We receive a lot of applications from people who love games but have no idea what the role they’re applying for looks like. Making games ≠ playing games all day.


  • Spell check and proof-read your CV. Then ask a friend to proof-read it for you to make sure you didn’t miss anything (it’s not easy to proof-read your own work, we tend to miss things). If you can’t maintain a high level of care and craft when trying to sell yourself to a potential employer, it doesn’t augur well for your work.


  • Tailor your CV to fit the company you’re applying for, this is especially relevant if you’re applying for jobs in companies which are very different. It usually only takes a couple of tweaks here and there.


  • Studies have shown that people spend on average 8.8 seconds looking at a CV. If your best bits are on page 11, then it’s quite likely the person reading through your CV will never make it that far. You need to capture people’s attention immediately.


Pro tip: “Keep your CV down to an absolute maximum 2 pages. In fact, you should be able to get it down to 1! There are loads of great examples of 1 page CVs on the Internet, so take a look and get inspired.” — Simon, CEO


  • Write a covering letter. A covering letter should be formatted in the same way as any other formal letter (again, there are loads of examples of covering letters on the Internet).


  • Use the covering letter as a way of making yourself stand out. It could be by showing you’ve researched the company, played their games, have an interesting reason for applying, etc. Many of the few covering letters we do get are bland “copy and paste” efforts.


Pro tip: “I’ve seen many instances where a winning covering letter has secured an interview for someone who wouldn’t have otherwise made it past the CV screening stage. If your CV isn’t strong or lacks relevant experience, this is a great chance to show off your attitude!” — Simon, CEO


  • Artists: If you send an application without a link to your portfolio, you will almost certainly not hear back. Hiring managers don’t have the time to try and track down your portfolio on the Internet.


Your portfolio should be somewhat current. We’ve received applications where the portfolio hadn’t been updated in 10+ years. This is probably not an indication of your best work! — Ben, Art Director


  • Engineers: Include links to projects and examples of code.


  • Don’t be afraid to follow-up if you haven’t heard back within a couple of weeks. Sometimes people miss things and they need a nudge.


You can also check out the full article on Medium for more pointers on 'How to Land Your Dream Games Job'


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